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  • Insurance Basics Video

    Throughout the Internet there are many videos that can tell you more about the basics of insurance. These videos will give you information about how insurance works and how insurance companies are able to profit through providing financial security to individuals. 

  • Basic Terms of Insurance
    The advantage of obtaining insurance is that it allows the pooling of risks and reduce the probability of one party bearing the entire cost of a loss.
    Basic Terms of Insurance
  • Basic Perils of Insurance
    A peril is the exposure to various risks such as injures, losses and complete destructions. Insurance companies use the word peril to explain risks that cause damage that the insurance contract will agree to cover.
    Basic Perils of Insurance
  • insurance basic perils
    Insurance basic peril is an event that the insurance company agrees to cover. This does not mean that in case of damage the insurer will automatically send the person a check.
    insurance basic perils
  • Insurance Apps in Ireland
    Practically all of the top insurance providers now have a mobile app for policyholders, and they have a big incentive to attract more users.
    Insurance Apps in Ireland

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