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Couples Travel Insurance

  • Travelling together with your special someone is one of the most pleasant ways of spending time for sweet couples and family pairs.

    Oh, those precious moments, when you decide which country to visit together, chose places to stay, things to be taken on a trip…And, of course, think of the best option to insure your expenses.

    Nowadays there is the widest choice of travel insurances that you can even get lost in such inordinate amount of offers.

    In most cases, if you go on a trip together with your other half, whether you are married or just seeing each other, you should use the option of couples travel insurance. Mainly because it can entirely conform to the purpose of your journey and cover all you needs, and also because it is rather cheaper than to buy insurances separately for each of the two.

    What to wait from shared travel insurance?

    Every standard insurance package consists of covers of medical care abroad, cancelations terms, baggage policies, valuable stuff covers and some others ( depends on the insurance). The cost of this package can vary, depending on the price policy of each insurance company.

    Pay special attention to cancelation terms. Check on the list of valid reasons such as health conditions (of you personally or of your close relatives), nature disasters, household troubles, cancel of booked events (excursions, trainings, transfers, etc.)

    The payout for any cancelations can’t be less than the amount you pay for the whole journey. Or there will be no point in such insurance. Don’t forget to figure out what part will be covered by the insurance company and what your tour agency will pay.

    Possible exceptions

    If you want to be covered for sure, don’t hide any information about you or your partner from the insurer. Because, if you have some health problems, that may cause the cancel of your trip, do indicate it and be ready to pay some extras. Otherwise, you can be at risk of not getting any payout at all in case something happens on a trip.

    Check all the limits and restrictions on each item. Compare the real cost of valuable stuff you’re taking with you on a trip with the offered covers for it. Do the same thing with baggage care conditions.

    Add the EHIC to your standard insurance

    The European Health Insurance Card allows you to get medical care if you travel within the territory of European Economic Area (including Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

    Usually this service is available at low prices or even can be free of charge.

    To find more information about the EHIC you may follow their website or you may connect with them dialing 08456062030 on your phone.

    This service will be active during five years after you fill the application.

    We warn you that EHIC conditions won’t cover all your needs during the trip. It is a great option, but only in addition to your compulsory insurance.

    Some useful advices for traveling couples

    The main point of getting travel insurance is to be secured from contingency expenses during the trip. It doesn’t mean that choosing the simplest insurance which seems to be the cheapest, is not the best way to save your money.

    Don’t be lazy and stingy. Go through all terms and conditions of each insurance offer.

    For example, if you travel together once a year, chose the couple travel insurance. It has all necessary options and covers you may use.

    If you go abroad more than twice during a year it’s probably more profitable to choose the travel insurance for multiple annual trips. And be sure you are allowed to add certain items in case you are going to do some adventure sports activity.


    Here you can find information about all types of travel insurances. Simply decide where to go, with whom to travel, what to take and try to think in advance what needs may take covers.

    Do not hesitate to contact specialists to clarify all the information you need.

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