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  • Travel insurance for cruise trips

    If you don’t suffer from seasickness than at least once in your life you must go on a cruise trip.

    Only imagine how perfect it is to stand at the stern of a giant cruise liner and admire the expanse of the sea, visit different countries, enjoy every show provided to your attention while you are sitting in a luxury restaurant, drinking sparkling champagne and relishing a high cuisine delicious food.

    If we already convince you to go on a cruise journey, please, read some useful information about the travel insurance you may get for the sea voyage trip.

    The necessity of being covered during the cruise  

    After choosing the direction of your cruise, which seemsmore attractive to you, begin to study all its peculiarities and specific moments so later you can make the right choice for the insurance.

    Start with the duration of the cruise. Usually, standard travel insurance allows you to travel as often as you want within a year. There is a special option even for those who are going to stay abroad for the whole year (but there has to be some breaks). The time limit is usually between one and two months. IT all dependson the insurance terms.

    As you may guess, sea journey assumes to be a long-term project with lengthy period up to one year. Not any package of insurance covers may suites you in this case.  Pay special attention to this item of travel insurance and make sure it covers the whole traveling period.

    The other point you should check on carefully is age restriction. If you are older than insurance terms allow being you may be not covered at all. So be ready to get a refuse or pay extras to be at least partly covered.

    For sea travelers of older age and for those who have some health problems it is required to provide medical certificate or other document which indicatea present health condition of the insurant. It is necessary to be done, because most likely you won’t get any payment in case something happens abroad. So if it’s necessary to pay double, do pay.  You should take it very seriously when it comes to your health condition.

    Think of possible activities you may be involved in during the cruise trip. It doesn’t matter if you are doing some adventure-sports activity onboard or while visiting countries on the cruise route. In each case thereshould be different insurance terms. Check it and find out about the possibility of adding some desired items to the main list of covers.

    But, first things first!

    Start your preparation for the cruise from learning about countries you are going to visit within the travel route. Find out more about climate conditions, customs and traditions, political situation, better exchange rates, potential pitfalls.

    After you thoroughly analyze all that, you can make the list of needs for covering, without any difficulties.

    Why exactly you need the special insurance for cruise trips?

    The answer is simple and obvious. It is so, because you are going on a cruise trip! In no doubt such cruise insurance provides more suitable options, terms and conditions, to cover certain needs.

    It has more wide choiceof different options for older travelers. You may take a round-the-word cruise, which usually lasts for a year, if you are at the age of 80-89. If you are over this age you may also be covered but only in case you are going on a triplasting less than half a year.

    Plus you may be sure that you get all payments in case the cruise trip is canceled or delayed because of climatic conditions. And of course you’ll get the standard package of covers: medical care (up to emergency evacuation), baggage and valuable stuff covers, personal liability.

    The EHIC for cruisetravelers

    If you are going on a sea journey around Europe getting the European Health Insurance Card will be just what the doctor ordered. It is valid for all European Economic Area countries, including Switzerland,Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.

    Due to the EHIC you can get medical care at low prices, or most likely free of charge.

    But notice that medical care is the only item the EHIC terms and conditions allow covering.

    So it is better to take it as an addition to the main insurance, not as a substitute of it.

    Compare cruise insurance policies with other terms of different insurances and make the right choice. Good luck!

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