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European Health Insurance Card

  • The European Health Insurance card (EHIC) is a new form of E111 - a medical form, valid throughout the territory of European Economic Aria (EEA), including Switzerland. 

    According to its terms anyone can get a medical treatment, being on the territory of EEA, at low prices or even free of charge.  It also provides covering present health condition if something is wrong. You can use the services of EHIC during five years from the moment of receipt of the EHIC card.

    You can call for medical care in every public hospital. Notice that EHIC terms won’t cover your treatment, received in a private clinic.

    After leaving the territory of European Union, you won’t be able to use this card in any other country.

    Applying for the EHIC you may reckon on almost every medical item of statutory social security, like any other local resident.  According to European public healthcare system you may get same medical services for free in every country on the territory of EEA. There can be certain restrictions for uncommon cases, different in each country.  This information is accessible for everyone, so if you want to get acquainted with medical services of EHIC you can follow their website

    There are special terms for pregnant women. There are no restrictions for travelling lady who is bearing a baby. She can get same medical treatment as anyone else, using the EHIC. But she has to officially state her intention to get back home before the actual date of birth.  In case it happens earlier than it was expected, she can also rely on EHIC services:  proper medical care and postnatal care for the baby.

    In some cases EHIC medical services can’t be entirely free of charge.  But you may get back some money after returning home. Just save all cheques and receipts.

    EHIC as an addition to travel insurance

    Getting the European Health insurance card is an excellent way to protect your medical expenses. But it can’t go as a substitute for compulsory travel insurance.  Make sure you have covers for cancelations, lost or stolen baggage and other valuable stuff you’re taking with you on a trip, personal liability and some others. After you get proper travel insurance you may think of applying to the EHIC, because this is a great additional item to the main list of covers, especially if you travel around Europe.

    How to get the EHIC?

    The only safe way to get the real EHIC card is to go on its official website or you can call 0845 606 2030. If you fill the form for EHIC on its website, you’ll get this card for free. In case you use their phone number you’ll have to pay only for the call.

    Beware or scums!!! Don’t follow some shady websites, where they assure you to make this card much faster for the money. Again, you can get the EHIC absolutely free of charge.

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