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Family Travel Insurance

  • Nowadays it is so important to find the time that we could spend with our families.  We have to appreciate every moment of our busy life that we could share with our close people.

    Going on a trip with a whole family is the best way to spend a great time together, share emotions and impressions, to have fun doing different activities.

    Among all the stuff you have to do before going on a family trip, one of the most important thing is to get travel insurance that will cover not only your needs, but will secure all members of your family from typical problems, such as lost or stolen baggage, all kinds of cancelations, health care and others unforeseen events during the trip.

    Who needs family travel insurance?

    Since we talk about protection of the whole family it has to be quite clear that family travel insurance covers all members of travelling family. It doesn’t matter if you are just a family couple going on a romantic cruise or happy parents with four charming kids camping somewhere near the lake. It will cost you much less if you buy family travel insurance than the amount you could spend getting the insurance for each member of your family separately.

    If you are an avid traveler and you don’t miss any chance to go abroad with your family this doesn’t mean that every annual insurance will suites you more than family insurance.  Sometimes terms and conditions of insurance for families offer more options and can be cheaper. According to the terms of family travel insurance you may travel within 12 months together with your family without restrictions.

    As any other travel insurance, family covering has certain restrictions.

    First of all you have to check a permissible number of kids you may take with you on a journey. But if you have a very big family with more than four children, discuss it with the insurer and maybe you’ll be allowed to add necessary items for your kids to the main list of covers at some extra cost.

    There can be also some age restrictions. Your child will be covered by family travel insurance if he/she is younger than 18.

    You may face certain problems if members of your family live separately or if one of the parents doesn’t want to give consent to the child to go abroad. In such cases, go through terms and conditions very carefully.

    Additional options for family travel insurance

    Family travel insurance offers lots of additional options.

    For example, you may go on a trip independently from your partner or kids using same insurance you have got from one of your family journeys.

    Plus you may add some high quality services and covers to your main insurance. It can be some extra covers in case you have an increased norm of baggage stuff or if you have to change the hotel etc. And certain cancelation reasons may be also covered entirely if you use such option of family insurance.

    Check on children policies carefully. Sometimes travel insurance companies offer to cover kids for free or at low prices.

    Varieties of family travel insurance

    Depending on how often you go tra
    velling with your family, you may choose 3 different options of family travel insurance.

    If you go abroad more than 3 times within a year you should go for the annual or multi trip insurance. You pay once for all your journeys. Annual insurance for families will cover all your needs in this case.

    In case you are not going to leave home more than twice a year  than you will be quite satisfied with singe trip family insurance. It is the cheapest way to be covered properly if you are going out very seldom.

    Useful recommendations for travelers with kids

    Going on holidays together with the kids is a wonderful idea. It supposed to be the greatest time full of joint experiences. But sometimes it can be fun for kids only if you don’t think through everything before going on a family trip.

    Of course, getting a proper insurance is important. But being covered from main risks is not enough forpleasant andrelaxing journey.

    First of you make sure you are packing your bags properly.  Don’t take only what you think your children may need; think of what they want to carry with them on a journey. Let them taking part in it, helping to choose what is necessary to be taken and what is just a waste of space.

    Allow them to take some entertainment gadgets and stuff. These will occupy them during the flight and directly during the journey.

    Don’t forget that kids can’t control their sense of hunger as adults do. Prepare some light snacks and nutritious food for them. Well-fed child is a pledge of successful and calm journey.

    How to get a family travel insurance?

    Here we have all the information you may need to get family travel insurance.

    Just give us the main information about your family and your future trip and we’ll send you the list of travel companies, their offers and prices.

    You may create your package of covers choosing the terms and conditions you need, using our services.

    Good luck!

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