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What Today’s Home Buyers Want

  • One thing that helps builders to succeed in any economic environment is a popular product. Nowadays the need to understand what home design features buyers truly want is more important than ever before. The most successful builders have already identified which design elements and amenities are popular and they have adjusted their process to adapt to home buyer’s needs.

    For example, the study explores that home offices and green features are among the must-have amenities in a new house. Today, more and more people are working from home, so making the home office or study is a key design feature.

    Home buyers are increasingly aware of the rising costs of utilities and want home builders to provide energy efficient homes with today’s building practices and technologies. Home builders that offer affordable solutions for driving down heating and cooling costs have a major advantage over the resale market.

    In addition, must features also include an outdoor living room, as there is a strongest interest in outdoor fireplaces and outdoor cooking areas. So, home buyers are looking for homes that expand their living space by incorporating functional outdoor rooms.

    Also two-car garages are among the must-haves for the home buyers. Even if the owners only have one car, they want to increase their storage space.
    So, home builders must account for these changing design drivers to be successful in plan development and marketing.

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