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Maybe someone from the BHPA could contact the Kite Associations and ask who underwrites thier insurance policys,and see if we can get a .
Buying hang gliding and Paragliding travel insurance from Airsports Insurance Bureau.Whether you are looking for single or multi trip insurance, cover for your .
Any use of a glider which is illegal or in breach of BHPA rules, regulations and. Remember, the premium and insurance cover will be based specifically on the .
The BHPA provides automatic third party insurance for its members, but if personal or travel insurance is required, this should be obtained from an independent .
Insurance: BHPA students get free insurance included in their membership, however both illegal practices, restrictions on cover and the student sign off task .
Good news came in Club Bulletin #191 that is issued monthly by British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Now everyone who holds .
I d be intrested for find out the specific (both legal and underwriter views) liablity issue (as the coached CP would have NO insurance cover for the flight.nor of .
Like the BHPA Ltd there are (still) some issues with errors in the Theory taught, .Demanding insurance cover is acceptable, but demanding membership isn t.
"Its the third party we re protecting with the BHPA insurance Sid, obviously.of school children over a zebra crossing yer insurance covers you.
I got a call and a question recently regarding the "free" insurance from the BHPA and that it doesn t cover you when flying on uncertified wings.